Athens x 4 Competition

The Athensx4 competition brief was calling for the unification of four Athens city blocks into one. The proposal +oikia will become a prototype which should be repeated several times in Athens in order to provide the city with landscape and a place holder for social activities. We believe that the status quo, the present will be appreciated in the future for its qualities so we start by imprinting the buildings’ footrpints, their architecture, their program and their materials. All these will be expanded on our plot, the so-called cross.


Athina x 4 Competition




Angelina Manisa, Architect
Elena Stavraki, Architect
Vivian Vidali, Architect
George Karabelas (architecture student)


Honorable Mention

We use a 0.60 x 0.60m grid which originates from the sidewalk’s paving. This last when multiplied creates benches, tables, market counters, shelters and three-dimensional layers of activity. In order to enter +oikia you get through 4 gates placed at the beginning of the cross. The dense vegetation behind the gate won't let the user take a look in what is happening inside this mystic garden. This new block becomes a prototype which imports once again the meaning of the social neighborhood back into the city’s life. This will be called from now on +oikia.