• Box House

    New Project on Paros Island

    We are currently working on the design of a new house on Paros Island

  • Breaking Ground on Mykonos Island

    New Project_ Day 01

    Day 01 on Mykonos Island. We are breaking ground

  • Farangas Cedar House

    Beggining Construction

  • Hill House

    New Project Loading

  • Mykonos Marina Villas

    Almost Completed!

  • Seaside Project

    South Paros

    G&A have been appointed to design a sea front Cafe in South Paros.

  • Cambos House

    is nearing Completion

  • Unfolding CourtYard House

    Follow the construction Diary

    Project: Reconstruction | Location: Naoussa, Paros Island | Status: Under Construction | Architects: G&A Evripiotis | Mechanical Engineer: Yannis Skiadas | Topographer: Nikos Gouroyannis | Construction Surveying : G&A Evripiotis

  • Sisters House

    Sisters House in Naoussa is nearing completion

    Project: Connected houses for two sisters | Location: Paros Island | Status: Under Construction

  • Georges Evripiotis on French TV

    Georges Evripiotis talks about Architecture and Wind on the Islands on French Television

  • G&A EVRIPIOTIS Seaside Projects in the Cyclades

    G&A EVRIPIOTIS have designed more than 70 Seaside Projects in the Cyclades

    Key: | red: house | magenta: hotel | cyan: commercial | black: building permit | green: under construction | blue: reconstruction